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About Saath7

Wonder Cricket Saath:7 Cricket Mahotsav 2015-16

What would it take for the citizens of India to respect and interact with each other, irrespective of their different caste, creed, customs, costumes and perhaps even their convictions? What would it take for women in our country to be offered an equal field to work and play alongside men, with dignity and genuine empathy. What would it take to empower rural India with not just aspirations but by providing an accelerated course for them to achieve their dreams?

It needs a national passion. It requires a universal religion. It deserves a social repletion. For years that space in India has been taken – by the game of CRICKET. And it has strong roots in the societal consciousness, has inked its hues on the cultural fabric of our great nation. Cricket is the only activity that has a national following, a universal appeal and a ready social acceptance.

We at Wonder Cement have decided to embark on a social experiment – of making India a better place, grassroots up, beginning with Rajasthan; With Rural Cricket. A high energy, 7-a-side, 7 overs per inning tournament. And we are giving it a twist – of the 10 member team, if the Match Playing 7 has a girl member, the team gets 7 Run Bonus for every match. The message goes out through Integrated Communication using Mass Media, Experiential Marketing and Ambient Branding backed for over 60 days.

Tehsil teams will use the Wonder Cement's select Dealer Locations at each Tehsil to submit their Entry Forms and register for the tournament. At a pre-announced date, locally popular people would be invited at Dealer Locations to pick through a Lucky Dip contest, 16 teams in the presence of representatives of each of the registered teams. Tehsil matches witness one brave team which will work its way up to represent its respective Tehsil. The Tehsil teams play at their District Headquarters for one team to represent their district. 33 District Teams meet at 6 Zones across Rajasthan; and the Final Six faceoff at Udaipur at a Grand Finale on the 17th of January 2016.

While all the teams reaching the finals of each district will be presented with certificates, bats and balls, the members of the final six teams will be presented with a complete cricket kit. In addition, there will also be titles like Best Batsman, Best Bowler and Best Girl Player of the tournament other than Man of the Match awards for each Final Match and Man of the Series. 3 of the best players from the tournament get a one year training program at Wonder Cricket Academy. Besides a substantial size of cricket gear and event branded merchandise, cash prizes for these and other winners across the tournament are to the tune of Rs.30Lacs.

The commitment of Wonder Cement is so deep to create a whole new beginning for the citizens of the state that the company leaves no stone lying in the way of a smooth pitch for the game of life to be played on. It is the intention of the company to take this tournament to 5 other states in the coming year and culminate it on a grand scale in an inter-state showdown the prowess for the game.

Prepared to go to any lengths to create a wonderful new beginning, Wonder Cement provides a firm and concrete path for the citizens of this great nation to march on towards redefining their futures into a bright and prosperous one.

Match Rules

  1. Every match comprises of 7 overs of one inning each for both team.
  2. One bowler can bowl maximum 3 overs and two bowlers can bowl maximum 2 overs in an inning.
  3. LBW rule is not applicable in this tournament & Leg Bye runs are not allowed.
  4. In case of injury to a fielder only one extra player is allowed at a time during the match. However he or she can't bat or bowl. In any circumstances runner is not allowed.
  5. One inning should be completed within 30 Minutes. Next inning should be started in next 5 minutes.
  6. Each team should report at the allotted time.
  7. In case of any delay in reporting, for every four minutes one over will be deducted from the inning of respective team.
  8. In case if reporting is delayed by 15 minutes then respective team will be disqualified from the tournament.
  9. In case if both the teams are late by 15 minutes then both teams will be disqualified from the tournament.
  10. Team will be disqualified in case of any argument, fight and misbehavior during the tournament.
  11. Organizers will provide new ball if in case ball get misplaced or non-playable condition during the match.
  12. In case of a tie, super over will be bowled.
  13. Each team will get to play 1 over during the super over.
  14. The team batting second in the match will bat first in the super over.
  15. 3 batsmen & 1 bowler will be nominated by each team for super over.
  16. The loss of 2 wickets in the super over ends the team's super over inning.
  17. Winner of super over will be winner of the match.
  18. In case of tie in super over, team with maximum sixes in super over will be the winner.
  19. In case if there is tie a in maximum sixes also in super over, team with maximum fours in super over will be the winner of the match.
  20. In case if there is tie in super over in fours also then winner will be decided by toss.
  21. Tehsil level matches will be played on 26th & 27th December, 2015, district level matches will be played on 02nd & 03rd January, 2016, zone level matches will be played on 10th January, 2016 and final would be played on 17th January 2016.

Team Selection Rules

  1. Team registration is free.
  2. Maximum 16 teams can participate in each tehsil.
  3. Each selected team on tehsil level will get gifts.
  4. If in case more than 16 teams are registered in same tehsil a lucky dip would be organized and 16 teams will be selected from the tehsil. Lucky dip will be organized on 11th December, 2015 at selected Wonder Cement dealer shop.
  5. List of tehsil where tournament is being organized will be available with selected Wonder Cement dealer and our campaign website
  6. Players can participate in any tehsil from their domicile district only.
  7. Each team should comprise of 10 players; out of the registered 10 players, only 7 players can play in a match, the rest three will be extras.
  8. Registered player can participated with their registered team only.
  9. One team can register themselves in one tehsil only, if they register themselves in more than one tehsil their registration can be canceled from the tournament without any prior notice/information.
  10. In each team one or more female candidate can participate.
  11. 7 runs bonus will be awarded to the team if one or more female player is playing in seven.
  12. In any case bonus runs cannot exceed 7 in an inning.
  13. Candidate whose date of birth is on or before 01 December, 2000 can participate in this tournament.
  14. Date, time and place shall be informed to each team.
  15. Registration form is to be submitted to selected Wonder Cement Limited dealer for their respective tehsil.
  16. To know more about tournament please contact our nearest Wonder Cement dealer or call on Toll Free Number 1800 3000 0646.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Every participant has to submit one photo ID proof i.e. PAN Card, Driving License, Adhar Card, Passport Bhamashah Card, School ID and College ID with registration form.
  2. Every participant has to submit one address proof ID i.e. Driving License, Adhar Card, Passport, Bhamashah Card, Rashan Card with registration form.
  3. Every participant has to submit their date of birth proof with registration form.
  4. To avoid delay in prize money distribution we recommend all participants to submit their pan card and bank account detail along with registration form (optional).
  5. Wonder Cement will not be liable for any loss or injury participant during the tournament
  6. Umpire decision would be final and cannot be challenged.
  7. One player from each team from extra players will sit with scorer during the match.
  8. After completion the match above mention extra players, scorer, captain and both umpires will sign the score sheet.
  9. Scorer will submit the signed score sheet to supervisor/organizer.
  10. In case of any ambiguity the decision of the organizers will be final & undisputed.
  11. Wonder Cement Limited reserves the rights to cancel or change the place, date, time, rules, match format, and terms & conditions at any point of time during the tournament.
  12. All disputes are subject to Udaipur jurisdiction only.